Solar Film

  • Unlike conventional solar film that is simply fitted directly onto the glass, our film is installed using a patented roll-up blind system.
  • This gives the added versatility of being able to retract the film, to provide a natural clear view at night, as well as eliminating the dark and gloomy feeling from the home or office during the winter months.
  • Solar film window coverings, offer a wide selection of application, and is well suited for Restaurants, Shop fronts and the home and office environment.
  • Save electricity costs of up to 60% on your Air Conditioning.
  • The film is available in a choice of Reflective, Non-reflective or an Embossed design.
  • There are a variety of colours, each with their own unique heat rejection and light transmittance qualities to suit your specific requirements.
  • All our films offer 99.9% UV protection.